AN EVENING OF ESTROGENSM is an all-female comedy show with Jill Shargaa. The show features music, standup comedy, improv and song parodies, performed by professional female comics and actors. On occasion, male performers have been invited to guest star.

The show does NOT do “male bashing” but rather encourages men to attend the shows and laugh along with us!

It is not a typical 3-comic show you see at your neighborhood “Chuck’s Chuckle Hut Comedy Club.” All the performers look and sound different from each other, and cover various topics and subjects that are more diverse and reflective of today’s audience. Did you know female comics rarely, if ever, get booked together on the same bill at a comedy club? This is a concerted effort to do just that. Coming from a female perspective, the show is hip, smart and appeals to women (and men) from all walks of life. The humor is kept to a PG-14 rating. It can include nostalgia, improv, music and gay-friendly themes.